AUTHORITY:5 USC 301-Departmental Regulation: Purposes; 42 USC 2073, 2093, 2095, 2111, 2133, 2134, 2201(b), and 2201(o). The authority for soliciting the social security number is 10 CFR 20; 44 USC 3101-Record Management by Agency Heads, General Duties, and AR 385-10.

determine the total effective dose equivalent the individual has received annually.  The total effective dose equivalent will be documented in the individual’s exposure history.  The information is used in the evaluation of risk of exposure to ionizing radiation or radioactive materials. The data permits meaningful comparison of both current (short-term) and long-term exposure to ionizing radiation or radioactive material. Data on your exposure to ionizing radiation or radioactive materials is available to you upon request.

ROUTINE USES:National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement and the National Research Council, involved in monitoring/evaluating exposures of individuals to ionizing radiation or radioactive materials who are employed as radiation workers on a permanent or temporary basis and exposure received by monitored visitors.   The information may also be disclosed to appropriate authorities in the event the information indicates a violation or potential violation of law and in the course of an  administrative or judicial proceeding.

information, including social security number; however, the installation or activity must maintain a completed Automated Dosimetry Record (ADR) on each individual ccupationally exposed to ionizing radiation or radioactive material as required by 10 CFR 20, 29 CFR 1910.1096, and DA PAM 385-25.  If information is not urnished, the individual may not become a radiation worker.  The social security number is used to assure that the Army has an accurate identifier not subject to the coincidence of similar names or birthdates among the large number or persons on whom exposure data is maintained. To establish qualification of the internal dose from bioassay specimens. The internal dose will be added to deep dose equivalent to The information may be used to provide data to other Federal agencies, academic institutions, and non-governmental agencies, such as the It is voluntary that you furnish the requested


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