SUBJECT:  Army Directive 2013-07 (Comprehensive Soldier and  Family Fitness Program)

1.  By this directive,  I formally establish the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness  (CSF2) program as a key component of the Army’s Ready and  Resilient Campaign. The CSF2 program will  play a crucial role in developing a Total Army team of physically healthy and  psychologically strong Soldiers, their Families and Department of the Army Civilians whose resilience and total fitness enable them to meet the Army’s mission. This directive and the accompanying enclosures provide the governing policy and procedures for the CSF2 program.

2.  The CSF2 program’s mission is to improve the physical and psychological health and resilience of Soldiers, their Families and Department of the Army Civilians, and to enhance their performance by providing self-assessment and training capabilities aligned to five key functional areas-known as the “Five Dimensions of Strength.” These “Five Dimensions of Strength” are:

a.  Physical.  Performing and excelling in  physical activities that require aerobic fitness, endurance, strength, healthy body composition and flexibility derived through exercise,  nutrition and training.

b.  Emotional.  Approaching life’s challenges in a positive, optimistic way by demonstrating self-control,  stamina and good character with one’s choices and actions.

c.  Social.  Developing and maintaining trusted, valued relationships and friendships that are personally fulfilling and foster good communication, including the ability to comfortably exchange ideas, views and experiences.

d.  Spiritual.  Understanding one’s purpose, core values,  beliefs, identity and life vision.  These elements enable a person to  build inner strength, make meaning of experiences, behave ethically, persevere through challenges and  be resilient when faced with adversity.  Participation in the spiritual dimension of the CSF2 program is strictly voluntary.

e.  Family.  Being part of a family unit that is safe,  supportive and  loving, and that  provides the resources needed for all members to live in a healthy and  secure  environment.

SUBJECT:  Army Directive 2013-07 (Comprehensive Soldier and  Family Fitness  Program)

3.  The Army must embrace the concept of building and sustaining resilience as a fundamental part of our profession and as a key component of readiness.  The personal engagement of all Army leaders, particularly senior Army leaders, is vital to achieving this needed culture change.  I am therefore assigning specific roles and responsibilities to senior Army leaders for fielding,  synchronizing and executing the CSF2 program as a key component in driving this culture change.  These roles and responsibilities are defined in enclosure 1.  Enclosures 2 through 7 address the Five Pillars of the CSF2 program, CSF2 training centers, training requirements, organizational requirements, master resilience trainers, and reporting, respectively.

4.  The Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7 is the proponent for this policy.  The point of contact for this directive is the Director, CSF2 Program, (703) 545-4332.

5.  This directive is effective immediately and supersedes ALARACTs 213/2009, 293/2009, 097/2010,  192/2010, 045/2011  and 086/2011.  The Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7 will  incorporate its provisions into Army Regulation 350-XX (Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness), which will be published within 1 year.

6.  This directive is rescinded upon publication of Army Regulation 350-XX.

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