a.  To provide procedural guidance and information for conducting Readiness and Deployment processing for all deployees that are deploying in support of Contingency Operations (CONOPS), Small Scale Contingencies (SSC), Overseas Deployment Training (ODT) and the annual Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) check.  A deployee is defined as all personnel to include (Active Component Soldiers, Reserve Component Soldiers (USAR and ARNG), Appropriated/Non-Appropriated DA Civilians, Contractors, AAFES, Red Cross Volunteers, and any other Military Service Members) deploying in support of CONOPS.

b.  To supplement guidance found in AR 600-8-101, Personnel Processing (In- and Out- and Mobilization Processing), AR 614-30, and revise and/or supplement guidance found in the Department of the Army Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG), TRADOC Mobilization Operations Planning, and Execution System (TMOPES), and Forces Command Mobilization Operations Deployment Planning System (FORMDEPS) as applicable.

c.  The Readiness and Deployment Checklist requirements have been staffed by the HQDA- level policy proponents and are applicable to all deployees in support of CONOPS.

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