U.S. Office of Government Ethics OGE Optional Form 450-A (08/2005)

Confidential Certificate of No New Interests (Executive Branch) In Lieu of Annual OGE Form 450

This optional form is to be used only by current employees of the executive branch (other than special  Government employees), in accordance with 5 CFR 2634.905(d). If you have a previous OGE Form 450 on  file with your agency and can certify to all of the following statements, your agency may permit you to use  this OGE Optional Form 450-A instead of filing an annual OGE Form 450. If you cannot certify to all of the  following statements or otherwise do not wish to use this OGE Optional Form 450-A, you must complete a new OGE Form 450 as your annual report. Consult your agency ethics office for more information.


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