Department Of Defense

The TDS serves as the basis for program acquisition activities in the Technology Development Phase, moving toward a Milestone B decision. The TDS should serve as an information baseline for efforts that  continually evolve during the progression through the acquisition management system and be incorporated into the initial Acquisition Strategy (AS), as appropriate. Department of Defense (DoD)  Instruction 5000.02 requires an approved AS prior to any final Request for Proposal (RFP) release for the Engineering and Manufacturing (EMD) Development phase and prior to final RFP release for  Milestone C or Full Rate Production/Full Deployment Decisions. The Acquisition Strategy should be updated for all major decision points subsequent to the pre-EMD review and whenever the approved  strategy changes. An initial MDA-approved Acquisition Strategy is required prior to program initiation (normally MS B). The AS is required to be updated as necessary, minimally at MS C (Low Rate Initial Production or Limited Deployment) and at Full Rate Production or the Full Deployment Decision. When submitting TDS and AS documents, DoD acquisition policy and associated business practices require Program Managers to describe their business strategies in substantial detail to include overall approach, contract types, source selection procedures, expected competition and incentive structures.