DCAAM 5015.1

This manual supersedes DCAA Manual 5015.1, Files Maintenance and Disposition, dated March 1990, and revisions 1 through 12.

It implements the requirements of DCAA Regulation 5015.2 by providing instructions for the maintenance and disposition of DCAA files.  Its provisions are applicable to all elements of DCAA and govern the maintenance and disposition of all DCAA records.  In addition, this manual implements the mandatory requirements of 36 CFR Chapter 12, section 1228.40, requiring the application of the General Records Schedules (GRS) disposition instructions to records that are common to many or all agencies.

Effective implementation of the policies and procedures set forth in this manual will ensure the success of the DCAA Records Management Program.

Recommendations for additions, deletions, and/or modifications to this manual are welcomed and should be addressed to Headquarters, Attn:  Records Administrator, CMR.

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