Department of Defense Global Information Grid Architectural Vision

The Department of Defense  is transforming to become a net-centric force.  This transformation is based upon the recognition that information is a critical strategic component that enables decision makers at all  levels to make better decisions faster and to act sooner.  Ensuring timely and trusted information is available where it is needed, when it is needed, and to those who need it is at the heart of net-centricity.

Transforming the Department is no small task and will require fundamental changes in processes, policy, and culture.  These changes will ensure the speed, accuracy, and quality of decision-making critical to future success.  From an information perspective, this transformation is embodied in a dynamic and agile future Global Information Grid (GIG) that enables the Department to fully leverage the  power of information and collaboration across the Enterprise to the  forward edge of the battle space.  The development of the future GIG will eliminate communication stovepipes, meet spiraling information demands, and support unanticipated needs and users.  This initial version of the GIG Architectural Vision describes the target GIG.

Our goal in establishing the GIG Architectural Vision is to promote unity of effort among those responsible for evolving today’s GIG to its target state,  including component CIOs, portfolio managers, and architects.  To support this goal, the GIG Architectural Vision is designed to be a short, high level, understandable description of DoD’s objective enterprise architecture (required by law and policy). It will be updated periodically to reflect operational, systems and technical changes to the target GIG.  Through the development of a series of time-phased GIG Capability Increments, today’s GIG will evolve towards the target GIG described in this Vision.


Download (PDF, 882KB)