24/6 (or 24×6) Twenty-Four Hours a Day, Six Days a Week

24/7 (or 24×7) Twenty-Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

3-D Three Dimensional

3P&M Preservation, Packaging, Packing and Marking (a.k.a. PPP&M)

3PL Third Party Logistics (DSS)

4GL Fourth Generation Language

A&E Architecture & Engineering

A&F Accounting and Finance

A&LE Acquisition and Logistics Excellence

A&T Acquisition and Technology

A-76 (Program) Refers to the “OMB Circular A-76”, the directive for the DOD commercial activities program

AA Affordability Assessment

AA Alternatives Analysis

AA&E Arms, Ammunition and Explosives

AAA Acquisition Approval Authority

AAC Acquisition Advice Code

AAC Activity Address Code

AAC Automatic Addressing Code

AAFES Army/Air Force Exchange System

AAI Automatic Autodin Interface (SIMA)

AAOT American Arms-Office Tower (Germany)

AAR After Action Report


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