Enterprise Email Migration

What is Enterprise Email?
•Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) provided, CAC-enabled Email service accessed through centralized servers in the DoD cloud vice locally owned and operated servers

Advantages to Enterprise Email
•Lower Cost (~$100 cost savings / mailbox)
•Single technology platform across the force
•Access to Email anywhere and any time from authorized devices
•Larger mailbox size (4GB’s)
•Global directory of DoD users
•Share calendars across entire Army
•Same user experience regardless of assignment (Email PCSs with you)

Why Migrate to Enterprise Email?
•DA G3 EXORD in support of DoD effort to consolidate IT services
•Cost savings
•Disaster Recovery
•Increased Security
•Expanded collaborative functionality across geographic/functional boundaries

Disadvantages to Enterprise Email
•Change to user’s Email address
•User must update subscriptions, contacts, alerts, etc. w/ new Email address
•Two logons (system and Email)
•Public folders not supported
•Interoperability challenges until migration complete
•Mail filtering rules
•Delegations                       Manual User
•Calendar functionality        Repopulation
•Distribution lists                 Required

Download (PDF, 164KB)