EYE of DCIPS July2012 Final

From the Desk of Ms. ,Yolanda Watson, Director, Intelligence  Personnel Management Office (pg. 1)

  •  Fort Huachuca Civilian Personnel Advisory Center Update (pg. 2)
  •  Introducing the Civilian Training and LeaderDevelopment Website(pg. 2)
  •  Reminder: Army DCIPS Employee PersonalCompetitive Status(pg. 3)
  •  Reminder: How to Update Your Civilian Record Brief (pg. 4)
  • Preparing for the YearEnd PerformanceManagement Process(pg. 5)
  • What is the IC Joint DutyProgram? (pg. 6)
  • Army DCIPS Puzzle(pg. 7)
  •  May EYE Newsletter’s Army DCIPS Puzzle Solution (pg.8)
  • DCIPS Frequently Asked Questions…where to go? (pg. 9)
  • DCIPS Resources and Key Links (pg. 9)

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