Lightweight Portable Security

For experienced users, here is the short version of how to get started using LPS:

1. Make sure your computer is configured to boot from a CD or USB stick.
2. If using a wired Ethernet network, connect your computer to a network port.
3. Connect any external devices you will be using (hard drive, smart card reader).
4. Insert your smart card, if you want to visit CAC- or PIV-enabled websites.
5. Insert the LPS CD into the CD-ROM drive, or the USB stick into an open USB port.
6. Boot the computer, verifying that LPS is loading.
7. If using a wireless Ethernet or cellular broadband network, use the Network Manager utility to connect to it.
8. Launch Firefox and check that network connectivity exists.
9. Use the browser or run other loaded applications.

Note that LPS is designed to be run on home computers connected to the Internet. It is not designed to run while connected directly to government networks, and it may not boot properly on a government-issued standard desktop computer unless the system allows booting from a CD.

Download (PDF, 1.31MB)