Semiannual Report to the Congress

Serving the Congress and the Department of Defense Inspector General is an independent, objective agency within the U.S.
Department of Defense that was created by the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended.
DoD IG is dedicated to serving the warfighter and the taxpayer by conducting audits, investigations, inspections and assessments that result in improvements to the Department. DoD IG provides guidance and recommendations to the Department of Defense and the Congress.

Provide independent, relevant and timely oversight of the Department of Defense that:
•     Supports the warfighter.
•     Promotes accountability, integrity and efficiency.
•     Advises the secretary of defense and Congress.
•     Informs the public.

Be a model oversight organization in the federal government by leading change, speaking truth and promoting excellence; a diverse organization, working together as one professional team, recognized as leaders in our field.

Core Values
•     Integrity
•     Efficiency
•     Accountability
•     Excellence

Goal 1
Promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Goal 2
Identify, deter and investigate fraud, waste and abuse.

Goal 3
Engage, enable and empower our people.

Goal 4
Achieve excellence through unity.

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