U.S. Army Signal Network Enterprise Center Fort Gordon

1. Check Wireless signal strength

  • Verify Upper Right Icon
  • EDGE, XEV, 3G, 2G = wireless is ON
  • SOS, OFF = No wireless signal

2. Check Wireless network settings

  • Click on Manage Connections
  • Manage Network Option Data

3. Pull your Battery or “Hard Reset”

  • Remove and replace your

4. Send a test email message to yourself

5. Send a test PIN message from your handheld

6. Verify that your email is being redirected to your handheld properly

  • Check redirection on AKO
  • Forwarding Rules redirection icon (antenna) must be enable battery

Emails to other folders like personal folders (.pst) in  Outlook

7. Verify wireless Synchronization is on

  • Access the options for Message
  • Access the options for Contact and select Email reconciliation.

Make sure Wireless Reconcile is enable or Calendar and Select Desktop and make sure wireless sync is enable

8. Launch Blackberry “Help” App

Download (PDF, 1.02MB)