If you want to obtain access to iPERMS, you need to submit a completed form, a DD 2875 and e-mail it to here. You must list all the training requirements which are on the DD 2875 Form, and complete them. Once you receive access to your iPERMS system, you have to log in annually at least once to make sure that you keep your access.

Should anything change with your military career, in terms of what you are doing, your duties, and any personnel changes where you move into a different group of soldiers, you must fill in your DD 2875 form again and answer the relevant questions.

Once you get access to your iPERMS system, you can log in here. Once you have logged in once, you need to log in once every 90 days to keep your account activated – if you do not use it within 90 days, you have to submit a DD 2875 form again.

Training Requirements

The required training modules are very important to using iPERMS – if you cannot provide proof of completing these training methods, then you cannot use the software. You have to complete the Scan Operator training part, whereby you have to upload electronic images of any OMPF records you have, and sending them to a remote location so they can be inserted onto your account.

This training can take place between June and December, usually once a month. Only 25 people can take the course at once so make sure you get access as soon as you can. If you wish to sign up for the Scan Operator course, click here.

The other module you must pass is the Master Point of Contact Informational Brief – this is only for Army reserves. The job of a MPOC is to provide efficient quality control during the approval and denial process of new iPERMS users. Again, the training tends to take place between June and December, one a month, and is limited to 25 people. If you wish to take this training course, click here.

To access iPERMS systems, follow the instructions below;

  1. Visit iPERMS online here
  2. Click Accept
  3. Click CAC Login
  4. Click I Accept
  5. Click Soldier to view your own record.

If you do not have a CAC Reader – which is required to read your code – then you can access the program through this method;

  • Visit here
  • Click “Continue” on the certification warning
  • Click on “Access the My Record Portal for Personalized Career Information
  • You will be given your AKO username and password, fill the details in
  • Next, click on the applicable plan for you