SERE 100

Sere 100 preparation is a prerequisite for all American Airmen. At present, Sere preparing is directed on three levels.

The Sere 100 instructional classes are regularly taught at three levels -A, B, and C.

Level- A is the essential or section level. This is a prologue to the Set of principles that all American Airmen in either Fundamental Military.

Level-B is needed for Aviators with a higher risk of capture. Level-B is increasingly difficult of preparing that keeps going in the ballpark of 12 hours.

Level-C is the involved 19 day course educated at Fairchild Flying corps Base, Wash., for the most elevated hazard Pilots like battle controllers, pararescue, strategic air control, pilots, aircrew and battle climate.

Go to at Pilots can likewise access Adls through the Flying corps Entryway. For additional informative data about Sere 100, contact your unit screen or your nearby or Major Charge Sere boss.